Apr 18, 2015

Throwing Singers a Bone

Here at The Poundry we have spent a fair amount of time and energy being critical of the way vocalists affect music.  Not all music is interesting enough to carry its own weight without a singer guiding you through the journey.  Actually, most of what pop culture cranks out is intentionally vapid and pointless and requires a 'face' to make it stand out from everything else in the cesspool of unimaginative offerings.  That's just marketing for money.  Music written with big paychecks in mind will always find fans.  I don't have a problem with get rich quick schemes, generally speaking, if there are ways to avoid them.  Until government forces us to listen to the bands that can afford to buy lobbyists there is still a way out for people who want the real thing. As a music and art snob myself, I only wish that more emphasis was put on people finding out how creative they really could be were they not so attracted to dollar signs.  Music is a business though, so it will never be totally pure.  And let's be honest... it's not as if everyone can be follow their vision to a pot of gold.  I can't walk out of my front door and expect food to fall into my mouth simply because I play in two bands that a handful of people find curious.  But hey, if any of you want to find a perch in the trees outside our lovely home and try to toss a meal at me I am not too proud to gobble it up!  For what it's worth I'm vegetarian and prefer Mexican and Indian food.  When huevos rancheros and samosas start falling from the sky the moment I step out of the house I'll know I've finally made it in life.

Apr 2, 2015

Coming Out of Hiding

Well, well, well... I was abducted by aliens for roughly three months but I have returned, happy to see that planet Earth remains intact despite my abductors' claims of total annihilation.  Granted there were plenty of people and institutions whose utter decimation I was indifferent to even in my saintliest moments, but all in all I am happy to see that the world remains mostly unchanged in the three months since my last post.  Monica is still gorgeous and loves me, the dogs are still the sweetest critters on earth and the cats still vomit and pee on everything.  Yep, life shuffles along as it always has.  Good, I wasn't in any mood for upheaval anyway.