Mar 31, 2018

Rough Sketches

There are many things about writing music and being in a band that I love.  I have always had some sort of creative outlet ever since I was a kid and my head is constantly buzzing with ideas.  I am not sure what I would do without an outlet for those ideas and I hope that I never have to find out.  As a member of a once active, now semi-active band, there are many ways to get feedback from fans.  That feedback is the awesome sauce that makes you feel like you are doing something special.  

While shows are a blast during and after each performance, they are only temporary things.  Even if playing out becomes a lifestyle for you, all those shows will eventually fade away to memories.  They make for great stories and the interaction that you have with fans is wonderful to think back upon, but none of that is something you can touch or something you can sit back and enjoy.  It's the studio that gives you an opportunity to lay down your ideas for posterity.  It may not have the instant gratification that interacting with people in a live setting provides, but your recorded music is what can be shared with people later in life.  It is what will endure once the band is no longer taking you from one city to the next.  It's your legacy.

Mar 21, 2018

Confessor: Marching Ahead

Well hello there, citizens of Earth!  No, your greatest fears have not come true.  I am still alive and Confessor are indeed moving pieces down the path of Total World Dominance as promised in previous posts.  World dominance takes time and careful consideration.  There are refugee camps that have to be put in place and mass transportation systems for the billions of displaced people which must be ready for what will be the greatest exodus in human history.  While our vision of a world brought together by the universal themes found within Confessor's music may seem like a pipe dream to many, we have one thing in our possession that will ensure our success:  incriminating photos of every single one of you.  Resistance will be futile... practice standing at attention and all of the acceptable salutes illustrated in the pamphlet entitled "The Importance of Expressing Fealty to Your New Overlords" which should be in your mailboxes soon.