Oct 30, 2016

The Pershing Hill Sessions

Well hot damn ladies and germs, the day we have all been waiting for has arrived!  The drum tracking sessions for the new Loincloth album have begun!  No doubt an important topic, perhaps The Topic at dinner tables across the fruited plains, Sheltonian drumming will impact us all whether we are made aware of it or not.  As a nation we all wait with baited breath as the blueprint for future progress and the evolution of mankind is laid down in a humble but well equipped studio near central Raleigh.  Let's see where history files this new release in the Museum of Things that Changed the Trajectory of Mankind. It should go something like this: First there would be fire, that's a given.  Everyone from gourmet chefs and Richard Pryor on down to angry mobs needs fire.  Hell, Frankenstein would still be around were it not for fire.  You have to be careful though.  A wise man once said "Fire burn."  Then you'd have the wheel, without which we'd all have to carry our cars on our backs, and that would be an unbelievable strain on us all.  Can you imagine trying to parallel park a car without wheels?  After that there would be "the interwebs".  How else could billions of people share photos of cats, their twelfth selfie of the day and pornographic material?  And then the biggie, Loincloth's second album.  

Oct 23, 2016

Studio, Sweet Studio: But First, Some Sound Sarcastic Advice

There are several benefits to being a world famous musician. Obviously, having your pick of stunning models to accompany you to all of the grand social events is one. Being chauffeured around to all the best private Hollywood and Bollywood parties is pretty nice, too.  If you've never been the guest of honor at a lavish party that spontaneously breaks into big song, it's a gas!  And the food is out of this world!  Never having to wait at posh restaurants, there's a time saver!  Being able to scam fans out of millions of dollars in donations to your relief projects is another advantage.  But there are some tedious aspects of mega fame that one must endure that keep you in touch with the struggles of the common people who occasionally have access to your music.  Take for example having tiny, germ covered newborn humans entrusted to you by complete strangers for baby kissing photo ops, or quick selfies with world leaders and political wannabees alike, many of whom are one in the same. Then there are the hassles of trying to find a bureau large enough to hold the honorary keys to large metropolitan cities around the world, or the burden of never being able to leave the house without the correct $400 sunglasses.  Mega fame is not without its difficulties.

Oct 19, 2016

Tough Riffs Interview

Hello there, dear Pounderers!  No need to check your calendars.  Eleven months have not passed since my last post.  That was actually only a few days ago.  I said I'd be back at the helm and I surely meant it.  This is a tight ship that we ruuuuu... hold on just a sec... where the hell is my coffee intern?  Who is in charge here?  Is that a brown M & M?!?!?!  Oh, the humanity! Well, there are a few things that need to be whipped back into shape, but we will not be deterred.  Onward and upward we go!

I want to let you all know about an interview that was just published at Tough Riffs' website. I was contacted by Dima Andreyuk, who writes for the 'zine, a few weeks ago about doing an interview, which I am always happy to oblige.  Within a few days I had a list of very insightful questions in my inbox.  Unfortunately for Dima, he got the wrong guy to answer them.  Just kidding folks!  His questions were very thoughtful, and it was obvious that he had either done his homework or had wanted to ask them for a very, very long time.

Oct 12, 2016

Alien Abduction

Whoa!  That was weird...  Have any of you ever experienced large chunks of "time loss"? It's a fairly common occurrence with alien abductions.  People might be putting groceries in their car and then the next thing they know they are back at home and it may be three hours later.  What the hell just happened?  How did they get home?  Why can't they account for the lost time? Would you believe that I was abducted by aliens back in November of last year and came to only to find myself toiling away at work as though nothing ever happened just a few days ago?  Yes?  No?