Nov 9, 2015

While the Machine Sleeps

We here at The Poundry would like to apologize to the families of those who decided to hold their breath until another article was posted on our blog.  We appreciate their dedication and commitment, and we ache with the news of their passing.  They would have been formidable warriors in the inevitable takeover of the world The Poundry has been planning for years.  The coming World Poundering will commence once we have found suitable replacements for those brave men and women who gave everything while awaiting further instruction.  Their presence will be missed, and as a show of respect we ask that all of us observe a moment of silence that should last at least 1.3 seconds, but no more than 1.7 seconds as a reminder that life goes on, at least for the rest of us.  The fallen will observe a moment of silence that will last for all eternity and that will give me the strength to carry on for the rest of us who seek to change the world through the power of twisted metal.  Rest in peace, fellow Pounderers.