Sep 24, 2014

Gearing Up for the Day of Doom Festival

In two short weeks Monica and I, along with most of the best friends I have had in the last several years, will be flying to Barcelona to kick as much of Spain's ass as we can in a total of about an hour and forty five minutes' worth of playing time. I can't tell you how excited I am personally, and as a member of two of underground metal's most esoteric bands to be part of this year's Day of Doom Festival.  We have a thousand things to do between now and then, and no doubt we will have a thousand things to do when we get to Barcelona, but this is one drummer who can't wait to take his seat onstage. This is a show that has been a very long time in the making, and it's really kind of a miracle that it's happening in the way that it is.  Confessor have been trying to make the trip possible since 2012 but the scheduling never worked out. Turns out that having a singer who lives in China makes it difficult to play live.  Who knew?  Now both Confessor and Loincloth are going to perform.  How freaking cool is that?!?!?!  What an unbelievable opportunity!

Confessor and Loincloth have both been doubling up our practice schedules for the last month to be in the best shape possible for Day of Doom. Metal fans will not know what hit them by the time we are done.  I'm almost salivating at the opportunity to knock people on their asses at the festival.  There are a handful of people who are flying to Barcelona specifically to see us, and I feel as though we owe it to them and to anyone who may have wondered over the years what it would be like to see us live to show them precisely why we do what we do.  The promoter has dreamt of being able to bring Confessor to Spain for years and I get pumped every time we speak on the phone.  Our conversations are about whatever thing we may be trying to organize at the moment, but once those things are settled the tone changes to that of a longtime fan and a truly humbled musician expressing how much they are looking forward to meeting, and to the festival itself. Matei Tibacu, who has been one of The Poundry's most reliable commenters, and is the guy who put together a three hour radio program about me back in 2012 is coming to Spain with his mother to see us.  It'll be neat to meet old friends for the first time.

Sep 1, 2014

Meet Bellazebub!

I've threatened to post pictures of our newest family member for awhile now, and here they are.  Everyone, this is our sweet little Bella!  Okay Bella, look cute... good girl.  Wait!  Don't eat that!  BELLA!!!  We are still adjusting to life with our first countertop surfer.  Bella began to pull things off of our kitchen counters and chew them up after she had been here for several weeks.  We're learning.  The electric cattle prod seems to help.  Every time I leave something close enough to the edge that Bella can get to it Monica zaps me.  Yeeeoww!  I think she likes it a bit much.  The other night she tried to tell me that because I left a light on in the hallway Bella was probably going to keep her from doing my work laundry.  I still don't understand the connection.  Maybe I've been zapped a few too many times and It's beginning to affect my cognitive skills.