Jul 15, 2017

In My Element

Have you ever had the experience of returning to an old, favorite meal after months or even years of trying other things, and once you run your finger through the last drop of savory juices left on the plate feeling as though you just ate a long, lost friend? It's like rediscovering one of life's simple pleasures after being all but forgot.  The kind of subtle, confident smile that devouring an ol' pal puts on your face is one that can keep you in high spirits for days. Now that Loincloth grows increasingly smaller in my rearview mirror I have been able to dive back into a steaming plate of polyrhythms and patterns, Confessor style, and I am thoroughly enjoying the warm comfort of returning to the things that made me the kind of drummer I am, and always wanted to be.  I am devouring an old friend as it were, and even with the occasional kicking and screaming, it is a delightful experience that I appreciate now more than ever before.  Truth be known I actually like the kicking and screaming, too.  It adds to the mystique.