Aug 3, 2014

Loincloth Return for the Second "Beatdown Downtown" in Raleigh, Sat. Aug. 9

It's hard to believe that a year and a half has passed since our first show in Raleigh.  There are plenty of moments that I can remember as though the show just happened last weekend. There were lots of friends, old and new, who had kept up with Loincloth's long, erratic history and were determined to catch our first show in town.  Hell, who knew whether or not we'd ever play again?  Plenty of people probably never really believed we were a band until we finally stepped onto the stage, and who could blame them? Well, the time has come for us to do it again and King's will again be the scene of the crime as Loincloth take the stage next Saturday night to deliver our own brand of heavy, contorted metal to those who think they are big enough to take the punishment.  Many jaws were dropped by the end of our set last time and we intend to make no less of an impact this coming weekend.  We have new songs to pulverize you with, so make sure you have some muscle relaxers at the house because you may need them the next morning, and come on down to King's.  We will be joined by "Bandages" and "Enemy Waves" for this tag team ass stomping.  Go ahead and put on your big boy pants and leave the wimps on the front porch. They'd just slow you down anyway!  Oh, and say "Happy birthday" to my mom if you see her, and Monica too.  Mom's birthday is Saturday, and Monica's is Friday.  Once we have all recovered we'll find a nice place to have dinner and talk about how we're too old for all you whipper-snappers and your shennanigans.  We should be easy enough to spot.  We'll be the ones holding our necks and yelling for each other to repeat whatever we just said a little louder.  Oh, how we suffer for our art!

Jul 19, 2014

Am I Dreaming? The Skull Are Performing One of My All Time Favorite Albums in Barcelona!

If I had to name one band as being the most influential in my own creative journey, I could do it in about three seconds.  I could tell you exactly which album pointed me towards heavy music.  There were a few bands that caused me to turn down certain alleys when I was younger, but they really just kept me moving along a path. The Beatles made me love music, so there will always be an argument for them to wear the Crown in this discussion, and Rush, or more precisely Neil Peart was responsible for making me want to be a drummer.  But lots of people who like music piddle at drums, or guitar or saxamaphone ( calling Homer Simpson ) without ever being passionate about playing or creating music.  The band that hit me in such a way that I knew what I wanted to shoot for in my own music was Chicago's hidden treasure, Trouble. As luck would have it The Skull, which is comprised of Trouble's singer, bassist and original drummer, will be performing at the Day of Doom Festival the same night as Confessor.  Not only that, but they will be performing the record that made me love heavy music and all of it's dark promise... the legendary "Psalm 9"!  Will someone please pinch me?!?!?!

Jul 1, 2014

Barcelona, Here We Come!

Playing in a band is pretty damned cool sometimes.  I'd be lying if said that I didn't enjoy having lots of people explain that they have never seen another band quite like us, or that our music inspired them to see how far they could push themselves artistically.  Their enthusiasm can be intoxicating.  It's even cooler when you've traveled to some new place and hundreds of people have gathered to cheer you on as you play songs they've known forwards and backwards for years.  I have never once been told at work to hop on a plane and travel to some far corner of the world so that throngs of adoring fans could pump their fists in the air while I perform amazing feats of manual labor.  Once I was asked to autograph something while I was coming down off of a roof at work, but that was because a Confessor fan recognized me from the parking lot, not because I had just blown someone's mind by cleaning off the roof of their apartment in a way that made them think about ladders and blowers in ways they had never contemplated before.  Music makes people love something, and love you for opening them to new experiences.  Work does not.  

Jun 22, 2014

Confessor and False Prophet Bring Down the House

Last weekend Confessor played live for the first time in two years, and for the first time ever with Marcus as one of our axemen. We wanted a show that was out of town but not so far away that no one knew who we were. That way we could all have a more laid back experience for Marcus' maiden voyage. The evening was a headbanging success! Everyone in attendance was pumped to see DeadThrone and Dogbane warm things up. It was one of those shows where everyone seemed to know each other, and to an extent there was an "extended family" high school reunion feeling in the room.  We used to play around Greensboro and High Point pretty frequently, so there were several familiar faces.  I like feeling like we are among friends because those people always treat you right and they seem to appreciate what you do more than a club full of people who don't know what you're about.

Jun 13, 2014

Confessor Poised to Rock Greensboro

If any of you are searching for the perfect Father's Day gift this weekend, I have a suggestion. Nothing says "I love you Dad, and I appreciate all that you have done for this family over the years" like taking him to a metal show!  So everyone, bring your Dad's on down to Greensboro's hottest joint in town this weekend, "The Blind Tiger" to check out Confessor and False Prophet!  He'll love having his ears blown off the sides of his head!  Wallets and belts are for sissies... metal is the only way to express love. Look it  up, you'll see.

Confessor's show with False Prophet tomorrow night will be our first in over two years, and it will be the "homecoming" show for False Prophet, who have just reassembled after years of inactivity.  We played several show together back in the day so it should feel like a high school reunion, which is always a lot of fun.  This will also be our first show with Marcus!  It's his ice breaker show, and will serve as a warm up to something we have going on in October, which I will elaborate on after we get back from the show tomorrow.  So ladies, tell your boyfriends that you need some space and come check out our young Marcus before you commit to anything too serious.  Hell, there may be some single dads out there who might buy you some drinks after some strategic batting of the eyelashes.  We are all mostly harmless, and pretty easy to figure out.  And guys, just in case Marcus doesn't have enough bras draped over his amp during our set, feel free to fling those tighty whiteys his way!  A compliment is a compliment no matter who it comes from, right?  Don't forget about Chris either... it'll be his birthday, so line up to fling your socks, wallets ( actually, I'll take those! ) and whatever article of clothing has been keeping you from feeling free.  Come on and join the party tomorrow night at The Blind Tiger!

Jun 11, 2014

Trailer Trash Rock Stars

When Loincloth were in the studio three weeks ago, we ended up having to do some things I never thought I would do for a recording.  In the past I've always had most everything completely mapped out well before we hit the record button.  I always knew where I wanted to go with my drums, and I was relatively comfortable with my ability to play my parts.  I say "relatively" because you lose a certain amount of comfort in the studio, in large part because you understand that you are about to leave the only lasting version of your vision for the world to hear.  It's final, and there is no turning back once you say "Okay, that's it guys."  Once that little bit of comfort is gone your confidence, or at least my confidence, can easily be shaken.  Throw in headphones that never sound great followed by a handful of mistakes you don't remember ever making before and soon you find yourself wondering if it isn't too late to be the guy who sweeps up after the elephants at the circus, or perhaps a food taster for an unpopular dictator... anything that might be more glorious than discovering that you are the worst drummer to ever enter a studio.  Fortunately for me, this round in the studio was different in that reality forced me to roll with things and experience kept me from stressing out about the 'unknowns', of which there were many.

May 28, 2014

Cramming and Jamming: The Loincloth Story

Sorry folks, I couldn't resist the title.  One of the biggest problems with being raised by a pack of wild smart asses is that you can never let an opportunity to make a joke slip by.  If you do, you'll remember that moment and how funny you know it could have been for years.  Regret is a killer.  Best to let fly with the sophomoric humor and allow that part of your personality to weed out the condescending snobs from your life.  There are plenty of places for them far, far away from this drummer.  To be fair to myself, this really is a photo of us "jamming" ( I hate that term! ) as we were in fact "cramming" before we went into the studio.  The title of this post is appropriate, after all.  I took this photo while watching a video on Tannon's phone he shot a couple of nights earlier down at the space.  I've seen way too many horror movies.  The video starts with Tannon looking down at the camera while he set it in place before walking back to strap on his guitar.  I couldn't help but think he was about to walk back to my limp body and start removing one limb after another, until eventually he found zombie gold in what would appear to be a couple of feet's worth of link sausages with thick, crimson slime dripping down his arms.  As it turned out, what I saw instead was the two of us conjuring up some sort of reptilian servant of the underworld with our heavy, creepy, dark Loin "jam".  Hmm... shall we get back to tall tales of Loincloth's weekend in the studio, and whatever-the-hell a "dark Loin jam" might be?  I think that's a splendid idea.