Mar 21, 2018

Confessor: Marching Ahead

Well hello there, citizens of Earth!  No, your greatest fears have not come true.  I am still alive and Confessor are indeed moving pieces down the path of Total World Dominance as promised in previous posts.  World dominance takes time and careful consideration.  There are refugee camps that have to be put in place and mass transportation systems for the billions of displaced people which must be ready for what will be the greatest exodus in human history.  While our vision of a world brought together by the universal themes found within Confessor's music may seem like a pipe dream to many, we have one thing in our possession that will ensure our success:  incriminating photos of every single one of you.  Resistance will be futile... practice standing at attention and all of the acceptable salutes illustrated in the pamphlet entitled "The Importance of Expressing Fealty to Your New Overlords" which should be in your mailboxes soon.

In order to show our dedication to the betterment of your lives and the world we live in, Marcus and I are going into the studio this weekend to record rough versions of the songs Confessor have written thus far for our upcoming album.  These top secret versions will not be released to the public but will instead be used by the band as a tool for figuring out vocals, guitar harmonies and bass parts. Playing live in a room together is not the best way to separate yourself from the music you are trying to write.  You cannot always "hear" your ideas while you are focused on playing everything correctly.  I have to be able to get out of the "creation mindset" and escape into the "listener mindset" before I can truly experience what our music has to offer people.  It is nearly impossible for me to become completely detached from our music, but I can step far enough back to get a good sense of which ideas are working and which are not.  Believe me, it is never quite what I expect. 

This process of detaching yourself from the creation process is how I keep myself in check.  Often I find that the small details I have spent days, weeks or even months working on get lost in the mix and that a simpler approach will better serve our purposes.  That's a painful reality for a drummer who loves those tiny details, but it is critical in refining our music and making sure that I, or we, do not go too far down a path that will be difficult for people to follow.  When your music takes such a long time to write it is good to review what you are doing from time to time.  The Big Picture is more important to us now than it was before and having rough versions of our completed songs will help us determine what we need to focus on for the completion of our album.  While this album will definitely be more aggressive than our last, we need to make sure that all of the things we do that separate us from other bands are well represented.  We want this album to be a collection of songs that are "unmistakably Confessor" so that people who are unfamiliar with our music stop what they are doing and ask "What did I just hear?!?!" and people who are familiar with us can hold their heads high and proudly proclaim that they have been on the Confessor bandwagon for years, while asking "Where were you?"

Confessor are on a bit of a roll right now in the writing process and once we have recorded the rough versions of our completed songs this weekend we will be able to focus on buttoning up the rest of the album.  I will get into the nerdier details later but for now I want you all to know that we are very excited about how things are going and we hope that you, our truly loyal fans, will be as excited about this album as we are.  We would like to thank every one of you for your support over the years and for your patience.  Please practice all of the salutes in the pamphlet when it comes.  Proper form will be an important factor in determining who the true believers are when the very pleasant, but completely unnecessary task of culling the undesirables from the herd begins.  You will absolutely want to know the proper hand signals and stances throughout our grueling inquisition process.  One wrong gesture could mean the difference between being a contributing member of our New Awakening and becoming a messy stain on a concrete wall full of holes.  


  1. The Official web site has been updated!

    1. So it has, and as of earlier today I figured out how to make the corrected link on the sidebar. No more medical beds for Confessor fans. What was that about anyway?

  2. Great news...very exciting stuff : )

  3. The Minister of Death hath spoken! Good day, and I hope all is well in Limerick. Please accept my own colon, right parentheses bracket and a pair of loving devil horns for good measure as a small gesture of my digital appreciation.