May 30, 2015

Progress Report: Five Is Better than Four

Well, I suppose that many of you may believe by now that I really have been abducted by aliens trying to unlock the mysteries of metal from my fertile mind.  A long spate of no newsworthy events has led to almost no posts whatsoever for the year thusfar.  Not exactly how I intended things but as I mentioned before, spring's thaw has brought both bands out of their respective caves.  Right now things seem to be moving along in an inspiring way. Hopefully that will result in some vicious riffage ( not quite as menacing as vicious ruffage, but something that warrants attention nonetheless ) and both Confessor and Loincloth will capitalize on some forward momentum.  It's difficult enough to predict how long it might take four or five adults to create something when everyone involved is completely engaged, but it's much more difficult to try and predict how long something might take when schedules keep people away from the process.  All of these setbacks are part of the band experience. You see, not everything is sex and drugs, drugs and sex.  The people who live that life probably don't have much free time time to blog about things.