May 1, 2018

A Glimpse Inside the Studio

Here at The Poundry we are one hundred percent committed to my satisfaction.  We bend over backwards to make sure that you, loyal fans that you are, have unfettered access to whatever I find interesting enough to allow you to see in its purest, most adulterated form.  I will always strive to represent myself in ways that obscure any of my shortcomings and highlight the faults of others while diminishing their own contributions to my own, inarguably humble greatness.  With that in mind I skillfully manipulated the other carbon based life forms in Confessor into agreeing to release this video from inside the walled fortress of Pershing Hill Sound.  We wanted to prove that we are in fact working on our album without actually giving any of the mystique away.  In case some of you are wondering why you can barely hear Marcus' guitar it's because his cabinets were on the other side of the door you see behind my drums.  If you are wondering why he isn't a prominent figure in the video you should know that the forehead that hovers over my drums and the face under it are both his and he was paid accordingly.  I will continue to work towards "fairness" as long as it works out better for me.  That is my promise to you.