Oct 30, 2016

The Pershing Hill Sessions

Well hot damn ladies and germs, the day we have all been waiting for has arrived!  The drum tracking sessions for the new Loincloth album have begun!  No doubt an important topic, perhaps The Topic at dinner tables across the fruited plains, Sheltonian drumming will impact us all whether we are made aware of it or not.  As a nation we all wait with baited breath as the blueprint for future progress and the evolution of mankind is laid down in a humble but well equipped studio near central Raleigh.  Let's see where history files this new release in the Museum of Things that Changed the Trajectory of Mankind. It should go something like this: First there would be fire, that's a given.  Everyone from gourmet chefs and Richard Pryor on down to angry mobs needs fire.  Hell, Frankenstein would still be around were it not for fire.  You have to be careful though.  A wise man once said "Fire burn."  Then you'd have the wheel, without which we'd all have to carry our cars on our backs, and that would be an unbelievable strain on us all.  Can you imagine trying to parallel park a car without wheels?  After that there would be "the interwebs".  How else could billions of people share photos of cats, their twelfth selfie of the day and pornographic material?  And then the biggie, Loincloth's second album.  

I started tracking Friday and have three songs to go.  This whole weekend has been great! The tracking has gone pretty smoothly all things considered.  I have continued my tradition of writing into the songs parts that I was unable to play at first.  As it happened there have already been two sections I couldn't conquer until we were recording.  Lots of this material has only existed in our heads because of the abstract way Loincloth have had to go about things.  I'll write more about that and some of the details later.  Right now my thirty minutes of blissful silence is coming to an end.  I just heard Tannon waking up downstairs and our dogs won't wait much longer for someone to make their breakfast.  I have some drum homework to do before we leave in an hour to finish recording the next biggest thing in modern history.  Someday we'll look back at this time and wonder, just as we do with molotov cocktails and selfies, exactly how we managed as a society without Loincloth.  

What an exciting time to be alive!


  1. I can't keep up with all The Poundry posts now. But keep it up, I will adapt. Excellent news! Enjoy yourselves and I can't wait to hear the end result. I also believe that everything you said in your post to be 100% accurate, the Loinclothian era begin...

  2. Greetings, Keith! Or should I say, the Chief of Staff in the Loinclothian Era? It's feast or famine around here, man! Eleven months with nothing, then POW! Tons o' crap! I like keeping people on their toes. The Loinclothian Era and the Confessoran Millenia are designed to overlap for a new Golden Age in music history. Delight in the glory of metal mayhem! Hugs to all in your home from Monica and me! Happy to be back at the helm. That last guy was a twerp. Yeesh!