Aug 26, 2012

Welcome to The Poundry!  Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Steve Shelton, drummer of the cult metal bands Confessor and Loincloth.  Music has been my vehicle for creative expression for over twenty five years.  I have had the good fortune of being in two bands dedicated to pushing themselves into uncharted waters which has made it possible for me to make my own unique mark in the world of drumming.  Playing drums has been endlessly satisfying to me, and in recent years I have found another comfortable home behind the lens of a camera.  In either pursuit I search for new angles from which to highlight things in ways I have never encountered before.  Whether I find myself micro-dissecting drum beats or combing through dozens of photos to find that certain elegance that exists within decay, I am always trying to find something that propels me further down the path of creative expression.  Within the coming weeks you will be able to find updates of all of my creative and some not so creative endeavors here, as well as opinions and perspectives from the little corner of the world my wife and I like to call "home".


  1. Très intéressant tout ça, je sens que ça va me plaire ! L'album de Loincloth est fantastique.
    Merci Mr Shelton.

  2. Thanks, Arnaud! I hope that you do enjoy this blog. I am having a blast with it so far! I'm glad that you like the album so much, as well. Chime in any time!

  3. Steve, I literally just now got hip to this blog and sat down to read through everything I missed this very day. I can't believe our mutual chum Mr Penland never mentioned this blog to me, the absolute bounder!!

    I'm loving reading your insights Steve, so please keep it up!!