Oct 25, 2012

Watch Out! It's On... Like Simon Le Bon!

Alright, ladies and gentlemen... these are the official dates for Loincloth's first shows ever! Sadly, our very first show was cancelled ( Wilmington, this Saturday the 27th ) because the headlining band's drummer quit.  I don't know that Wilmington was prepared to have it's entire skyline leveled by The 'Cloth anyway!  However the West Coast has been ready to fall off into the Pacific Ocean for quite some time now, so I think they will be prepared for the mayhem that will ensue once we throw down with Sunn 0))) and Dead in the Dirt!  Our first two shows will be with our friends in another instrumental metal band, Dysrhythmia.  I'd like to say "Whassap!" to Hank Shteamer in STATS, who will also be playing with us in New York City.  

The Dysrhythmia shows...

Nov. 16, Long Branch, NJ @ Brighton Bar w/Dysrhythmia
Nov. 17, Brooklyn, NY @ Public Assembly w/Dysrhythmia and Stats

The Sunn O))) / Dead in the Dirt shows...

Dec. 14, Portland, OR @ Roseland/Peter's Room
Dec. 15, Bellingham, WA @ The Wild Buffalo w/Black Breath
Dec. 16, Seattle, WA @ The Neptune Theatre
Dec. 18, San Fransisco, CA @ The Mezzanine
Dec. 19, Santa Cruz, CA @ The Rio Theatre
Dec. 20, Los Angeles, CA @ The Fonda "The Power of the Riff" presents with:
             High on Fire, Corrosion of Conformity, Black Breath, Void Ov Voices

Finally, back home...

Jan. 19, Raleigh, NC @ King's

So there you go... Loincloth have waited the appropriate number of years to play our first show. Twelve years, to be precise.  Here's hoping we have aged like wine, and not like roadkill!  If you are confused by the Simon Le Bon reference in this post's title, you'll have to watch "Squidbillies" on Adult Swim ( Cartoon Network ) to know what I'm talking about.  Poor Rusty, he just couldn't sound bad-asser 'n hell even if his life depended upon it.

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