Dec 31, 2012

Back from the End of Days...

Well, we managed to get back from our travels in one piece, and just in time to have Christmas with two different sides of the family.  Monica was pretty sick for about a week and is just now feeling normal-ish.  I made it through the last couple of weeks without catching cooties from anyone, even as the kleenex piles grew and grew.  I'm just now catching my breath while enjoying some solid down time after so much rock and holiday food.  It's nice to not have anything big looming on the horizon just yet.  

The shows with Sunn O))) went really well, and they were great hosts.  I've thrown a few photographs together while I try and piece together our trip.  In the meantime, thanks to Sunn, Pete, Randall, Dead in the Dirt, Ben and everyone else who helped make things run smoothly.  There was only one incident in which a band member went missing overnight, which is not that bad when you compare that to the kinds of things that can go wrong.  He did mysteriously pop up at the next city and the show, as they say, did indeed go on.

Click to see more photos from our trip.  I'll have more to post about our adventure in the days ahead.  Our homecoming show here in Raleigh is just a couple weeks from now, so hopefully I'll have some decent live shots of us after that.  For now I hope you will enjoy these...


No pictures from the show, but I did get to walk down to the Willamette River before everyone else woke up, or what most people call lunch time.                    

I can go all day once I get a few photos taken.  I enjoy trying to capture the atmosphere of places, whether I'm indoors or outside. 

Bellingham, WA

I had an amazing Mexican dinner twenty miles from the Canadian border.  Go figure...  Gracias, Silivia y todas que trabajan en "Tadeo's Restaurante"!  Que rico! 

This is the little drum kit I had to use.  It may look like a starter kit, but I promise you they told me it was for ages twelve and up.  

Sunn's creepy black magic show as captured from backstage.


Sunn were particularly nightmarish at The Neptune Theater, in Seattle.  Every time I went down onto the floor to check them out bits of the ceiling were falling like light snow.  Very impressive, guys! 

Hank, ripping things up with Dead in the Dirt

San Francisco

We ended up with an extra day in San Francisco.  Not the worst place to spend a day walking around...

I'd like to thank Ben, who was traveling with Dead in the Dirt, for being patient enough to snap these shots of us.  When you look as rough in photos as Loincloth, you jump at the chance for silhouetted band pictures!

The Mezzanine was a really nice club, and there were some 'Cloth fans who never thought they'd get a chance to see us play.  I know what they meant!

Los Angeles

The Ford Theater was home to The Power of the Riff show right on Hollywood Blvd.  This shot was on Sunset Blvd., just a block behind the club on the way to Amoeba Records.  Sure looks like LA, doesn't it?

Theaters are always great to play shows in, and The Ford Theater was no exception.  This was Loincloth's best show of the tour.  It was great to play with Corrosion of Conformity again after so many years, and Sunn rock in clubs like this one.  High on Fire certainly gave the fans what they wanted that night, too.


Sunn O))) blend horror movies and heavy, ambient music into a completely unique live experience. Attila's creepy incantations really bring their slice of primordial heaviness to life.  What a perfect way to close out the Mayan calendar, or possibly to herald in a new era.  


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  1. Hey Steve, you guys were AWESOME in Hollywood! I got to chat with you afterward about MDF and Godflesh; I have a great photo of the two of us that I'd like to send to you. Drop me a line at, and please check out our Confessor coverage in Episode #006 of Metal Urges Podcast! Thanks man, Chris