Jan 12, 2013


These are some photos from our trip out west that may be interesting to some but were not included in any of the descriptions of our adventures.  I'm just throwing these in for the curious among you to browse through.  Click "read more" to see them all.  I just realized that if you click on a photo one time you can see a slightly larger version of it, and a scroll appeared at the bottom of the screen from which you can click on any of the photos in this post to see them slightly larger.  There's no charge!  At least, I hope there's no charge...

             Portland: From our hotel window

Portland: By the Willamette River

    Seattle: Drums on stage and ready

San Francisco: Coming in on the Bay Bridge

San Francisco:  Loincloth live at The Mezzanine.  Photo by Chris Sollars

                                                          San Francisco

San Francisco: Looking down at the rocks by Fort Mason

San Francisco: Statue in the park on the Golden Gate Bridge side of Fort Mason

San Francisco: Mosaic at the base of the same statue

San Francisco: Pier at the end of Fisherman's Wharf

San Francisco: The pier with The Golden Gate Bridge in the background

San Francisco: Tide coming in between Fort Mason and Fisherman's Wharf

Heading to Los Angeles: The view from our hotel, about two hours north of L.A.

Los Angeles: Walking down Sunset Boulevard on our way to Amoeba Records

Home at last: If I don't get some El Rodeo in my system after a few days, my sideburns start to get a little crazy!  This is what Monica has to look at all the time.  I know, I feel bad for her, too! Thanks for taking the photo, Sweetie!

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