Jun 22, 2014

Confessor and False Prophet Bring Down the House

Last weekend Confessor played live for the first time in two years, and for the first time ever with Marcus as one of our axemen. We wanted a show that was out of town but not so far away that no one knew who we were. That way we could all have a more laid back experience for Marcus' maiden voyage. The evening was a headbanging success! Everyone in attendance was pumped to see DeadThrone and Dogbane warm things up. It was one of those shows where everyone seemed to know each other, and to an extent there was an "extended family" high school reunion feeling in the room.  We used to play around Greensboro and High Point pretty frequently, so there were several familiar faces.  I like feeling like we are among friends because those people always treat you right and they seem to appreciate what you do more than a club full of people who don't know what you're about.

The stage was set for us to go on.  There was an added bonus for me... Monica was dead center at the front of the stage throughout our entire set.  I've played far too many shows for far too many years without her being there, and it was just that much more special to be able to make eye contact with her every now and then.  The sweaty guy behind the drum kit never gets any attention from the ladies, so to have my own personal vixen throwing me coy looks every now and then was great, even though I knew she was a plant.  I should ask her though if the bra she threw at Marcus was a message she was passing along for someone else or whether she just got a little carried away.  

We flew through our set, and I mean we were flying!  I remember hearing board tapes of Confessor shows when we used to play all the time and thinking that there was no way I could ever play our music that fast.  Adrenaline is a strange thing.  It rarely feels fast when I count off the beginning of each song, but it is often a breakneck pace.  We all feel like we're stuck in molasses if we play things at the proper speed, but it'd be nice to not be on the verge of passing out after each show.  Oh, and why is it that no one wants their picture taken with you until after your set?  I look like a wet, homeless dog in every photo ever taken with someone at one of our shows.  I'm going to start bringing a wig that looks like my hair when it's dry to slip on backstage.  "He's so danged good he doesn't even break a sweat!"  Yeah, I like the sound of that much more than "Keep your distance Steve, I don't want you to drip all over me."  False Prophet sounded as though they had no problems getting back into 'show shape'.  They were always precise and a lot more vicious than other bands around town.  I'm glad that they are still doing it and that they look like it's as much fun as it ever was for them. Check them out if they ever come around your neck of the woods.

Marcus was great as The New Guy!  We needed another guy with hair in the band.  We complete the hair circle now.  We have a hair dude at the top of the diagram, a near military length short hair guy, one whose scalp is more easily seen than it used to be, a total cue ball  and now Marcus to bring it all full circle.  Marcus also kept up with all of our walkers and canes.  That he played guitar pretty well worked out for us, too.  I think that this show got our collective butterflies out of our system exactly as we had hoped.  Hell, it was only Chris' third show with us!  So maybe by the time Marcus is forty he'll have played a couple more shows and we can decide whether or not he's in the band.  But for right now, we're content to let him carry our gear and distract all of the lovely ladies in the audience and be our enforcer. He has to earn his spot, after all.  So tip your hats to Marcus!  I know that we are all thrilled to have him aboard, and now that this first show is behind us we'll be ready to bring down the house anywhere, anytime.


  1. So glad to hear it was such an enjoyable experience for all involved. 
    I have a feeling there is some great times ahead for Confessor. Very excited about a third album. 
    Another DVD would be amazing. But that's me just being selfish : )
    For now my plan, of course, is too inherit an incredible amount of money and get you guys over to play a show in Ireland! 

    1. Start swinging that axe, man! Wouldn't it be worth it to see us? Try robbing a bank first. That way no one gets hurt. Getting paid in blood money is cool and all, but it's so 2013. Plus you might not get that inheritance if you had something to do with anyone's untimely demise.

  2. how was the show publicized? confessor shows are so rare and i hate the fact that i missed one. used to tune into the confessorband website but those updates stopped last june and now the site is dead.

    1. Confessor have a Facebook page, but I almost never go there. Maybe I'd be more in the loop if I did. I'm always the last to know what's going on! "No way! Confessor found a new drummer!" Maybe I shouldn't joke about that. Maybe this; "Whadya know, Confessor finally got the album sales numbers from Earache for the first quarter in 1992!"