Nov 6, 2014

Festival Leftovers

Okay, as the title suggests these are some random photos of things around and during the Day of Doom Festival that didn't seem truly necessary to insert into the stories of our adventures.  The photos do help paint a picture though, and helping to create a sense of some of the experiences bands have was one of the original ideas that prompted me to begin this blog.  Since you are a captive audience until you decide to go back to the adult entertainment window you have minimized, you have to suffer through these shots. Just pretend that you're amused by my witty banter and you can commiserate with the other people who have to put up with me blathering on and on as though I ever have anything interesting to say.  That's what my family has to deal with too, so you'll be in good company.

The Venue

The Day of Doom Festival took place in this odd semi-permanent tent in a modern industrial park by the sea called The Forum

This giant contraption held dozens of solar panels which helped power the park

This is the marina where we had our big lunches for the bands both days.  Not a bad place to relax before soundcheck at all

Another shot to give the industrial feel of the place. What doesn't translate so well via photo is the unholy stench that accompanied the site. Think chicken slaughterhouse meets a paper mill


Wow!  I can't express what a thrill it was to share the stage with the drummer who showed me how to "rock" the heavy inside riffs.  Jeff Olson, thank you for years of inspiration

I invited Matei to stand as close as he was comfortable to me during soundcheck.  He's a drummer too, so I wanted to give him something to remember.  He kept muttering, "That's not how it goes, idiot!"

Que tal, Maximo!  I hope your friends back in Venezuela have a chance to see us soon.  How cool would that be? What's the hold up, South America?  

Ah, David... what a pleasure it was to meet you and to be able to get to know each other a bit. Thanks for sticking with us over the years, and thanks for really helping to make the trip special. Truly, the honor was mine!  'Til the next time...

Alberto y Melina, thanks for letting me unwind with you guys and for helping us when Chris needed a hand.  I didn't know you took him back to the hotel until I saw the photos when we got back.  I was glad to see you guys both nights  

Our first night in Barcelona once we finally decided to eat across the street before we got lost again.  This is what happens when we all get hopped up on falafel.  You simply cannot take us anywhere


  1. The reads were thoroughly enjoyable. As were the photos. As...always!

    Your Scro' from'?

  2. Hello there, fellow Scro'! I hope that you and your mo' returned safely. I missed a rather long text from her somehow while we were in Spain. She's very sweet, and I hate that we missed meeting each other. I guess you'll have to find some shows for us in Tibacustan. Just tell me where to sign...