Aug 6, 2017

Drumroll, Please...

I have exciting news for you all! For months I have been waiting to share this with you and at long last, the time has come.  I am proud to announce that a documentary about Yours Truly ( click Shelton Doc ) has been uploaded to YouTube for all to see.  Local drumming hero and all around good guy, Brian Quast approached me with the idea of filming a documentary back in 2014. We had a few interviews together before he brought his gear down to the space Confessor and Loincloth shared at the time.  The guys were great sports about the intrusion and Brian was delightful throughout the entire process.  Unfortunately for Brian he was stuck with me as his subject, but I think in the end he felt like his suffering was worth it.

Most of the filming for Brian's project took place as both bands were preparing to go to Barcelona for the Day of Doom Festival.  It was a period in which everything in my life seemed to revolve around music and it was all very exciting.  I would like to thank everyone who donated their time to this glimpse into what all of us as musicians and friends have loved to do for so long.  I would also like to thank both Monica and Brian's wife, Ashley for putting up with all of the extra time we devoted to the project.  Music is a source of inspiration for most people and I hope that this deep dive into what we do and why we do it offers interesting insight to anyone who has ever wondered what musicians think about throughout their days.  You may be surprised to learn that the life of an underground metal drummer is more than just fighting off starry-eyed fans and saving lives.  We decided to focus on some of the lesser understood aspects of mega stardom so that common folks might feel some fleeting connection with the brave heroes who write the soundtracks of their daily lives.

Within the next few weeks there will be additional drum videos online that were all filmed to coincide with the release of the documentary.  The Loincloth album is scheduled to come out next month and I would love to have more goodies for people to peruse online while they bang their heads in celebration of twisted riffage.  My next big project will involve filming different songs and beats that I hope people will find entertaining.  I have tons of ideas but I need to whittle them down to a small handful to begin filming.  Marcus will be my primary co-conspirator but I hope to turn the project into an ongoing collaboration with any of my fellow musician pals who would like to hammer out an idea with me.  There are so many riffs and beats I would love to dig into, I just need to figure out where to begin.

I should also thank Bella for jumping onto the sofa with me during one of the interview segments.  She has to be "in the shot" no matter what we are doing here at the house. Dignity may not be one of her strong suits, but being cute as hell is.  Thank you in advance for checking out the video.  It's just long enough to enjoy a cup of coffee while you watch it and please, share it with any of your friends or family members who love music.  Perhaps a follow up documentary will focus on all of the mega parties, the limo rides and broken hearts that one would expect in a film about the life of Steve Shelton.  For now though, we are totally happy with this fabrication about a simple caveman drummer living his simple caveman life who actually cares about sharing the things that inspired him with anyone who loves pushing both themself, and the concept of music towards something exciting.

In all seriousness, thanks to everyone... for everything!


  1. No way!!!! I'm so excited. I also noticed that Confessor are on Instagram now (think it's Christopher?) There's some clips of you guys jamming, sounding incredible. I'm off to watch the documentary now. I'll be back soon... : )

  2. Dude, I loved it! So happy this happened! More videos...more footage..more Shelton related awesomeness please!

  3. We do have a Shelton Related Awesomeness Rollout Plan in place. For example, you know how when you go into a fast food place ad twelve buzzers are going off at the same time but they are all completely different tones? Thing of the past, my friend! NOw all twelve will be woven into an intricate, harmonious pattern complete with thunderous bass drums and cymbal chokes. I just worked out a pattern that uses fives, sevens and threes (which gave me sixes, too) so I am totally in the right zone to carve the right polyrhythm for the buzzers. Everyone will marvel at the Sheltonian Awesomeness, AND we will put subliminal messages in for my minions. Thanks as always, Keith! The best to you and yours!

  4. I was just about to suggest this exact thing...weird!