Dec 25, 2013

Merry Christmas, Fellow Pounderers!

I'm not quite sure how it happened but another year has come and gone, and aside from some different aches and pains I feel exactly the same as I have for years... twenty three or so.  I may look more homeless than I did last year at this time and my crazy sideburns may be a little nuttier now that they are white than they were when they were still red, but in my heart I'm still excited about what I might do when I grow up. I'm just glad that no matter how old I am people who are a few years older than me still call my "... just a baby".  Your concept of 'old' changes as you grow older yourself.  I have no problem with that simple, transparent defense mechanism.  It's cheaper than blowing your savings on a new Corvette and a fling to make yourself feel young again.  Let me take this time to thank any of you who may have ordered a new Corvette for me for Christmas "Thank you!  I have never felt so young and vibrant!"

Today I would like to thank any and everyone who has taken the time out of their busy days to check out this blog.  There is so much out there that blinks and flashes to grab our attention. It's an honor to know that some people look forward to seeing what kind of nonsense I might be prattling on about on any given day.   I wish that I had more time to devote to The Poundry.  I truly love writing these inane pieces but work, two bands, several aging pets, a moderate social calendar and a wife whom I adore all conspire to keep me from telling you what you should and shouldn't like.  I'll never take your large sodas away from you ( a shout out to my thirsty New Yorkers ) but I will tell you what bands you're wasting your time following.  Actually, I'm kidding.  All bands have something to offer, some just have more than others.   Whatever taps your toes...

So Merry Christmas, everyone!  "Happy Holidays" to anyone who worries about being offensive or is offended by the concept of Christmas, and "Super Special Day of Meaningless Gift Exchanges with No Specific Religious Context" for those of you who feel like happiness and joy ruin a perfectly good day of stewing in your own misery.  I hope that you guys and gals find a reason to crack a smile today, too... and lighten up!  Just appreciate the people you love and the fact that everyone puts up with you, me and every other jerk with an opinion. But in all seriousness... Thanks, and think of the people who make each day a little brighter. Smiles and good cheer are contagious.  A little goes a long way.

Merry Christmas, Argie!  We miss you...


  1. Merry Christmas Steve!! I just want to thank you for everything you did to make this an incredible Christmas for me, I am so grateful and completely blown away by the effort you guys and my wife Laura put in for me...amazing! : )

    1. Hey there, Keith! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! What are the chances of the two of us having the same blood type? My organs are your organs, pal! Hah, I save all of my best transplant jokes for the holidays... Hello? Hellooooo... Is this thing on? Seriously though, it was our pleasure and it gave me and Monica both something to feel good about, so please thank Laura for putting a smile on our faces, too. She was really thrilled to be able to do something special for you. I do expect to see some more Keithfessor/Keithcloth drum videos at some point. For the rest of you just remember that here at The Poundry, membership has its privileges!

  2. I may have to take you up on that offer..I definitely ruptured something when attempting that Condemned intro : )
    And having one Steve Shelton's kidneys can only improve my next drum cover attempt surely! If indeed you are human....hmmmmm??!
    Anyway, thanks again for everything. Looking forward to any Confessor/Loincloth news in 2014 and talk to you again soon : )

  3. Thanks for your kind wishes. Sharing The Poundry is quite the heavy gift. May the future be abundantly creative for us all. Happy New Year!